Garage Door Replacement

A garage door replacement isn't just about getting a new door. It's an opportunity to give your home a fresh look, boost its curb appeal, and increase security.

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Why Replace Your Garage Door?

Your old garage door may have seen better days - it could be worn out, noisy, or simply outdated. Replacing the garage door can make sure you're safe from potential accidents due to faulty operation.You might also want more insulation for energy efficiency or need to meet Homeowner Association (HOA) guidelines which can require certain aesthetics or standards. To ensure the process of replacing your garage door is successful, here are some rules to keep in mind.

The Process of Garage Door Replacement

To start with replacing your garage door, first we'll measure the dimensions of your existing setup. This ensures that the new unit will fit perfectly without any gaps.We then remove and dispose of your old doors responsibly before installing the brand-new ones in their place. But remember this isn’t something you should try on your own; let professionals like us at Dean Garage Door Repair handle it for safety reasons.

Picking The Right Garage Doors For You

Choosing a new garage door is exciting but there are many factors involved. Materials range from wood and steel to fiberglass and aluminum – each has unique benefits. Consider what matches best with both your needs as well as the aesthetic of your house.

  • Wood doors can offer a classic look, but need more maintenance.
  • Steel doors are durable and require less upkeep.
  • Fiberglass or vinyl doors resist denting and cracking, they're good for areas with harsh climates.

The Dean Garage Door Repair Difference

We at Dean Garage Door Repair understand that your garage door is an important part of your home's security system as well as its overall appeal. Our team takes pride in offering prompt service and quality workmanship to all our customers in the Pomona area.We make sure to use only top-notch materials from trusted manufacturers. You can be sure that you're getting not just a visually appealing garage door, but one designed to stand the test of time with its use of superior components from reliable sources.